Ticket Sales
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Ticket Sales

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets to K.B Hallens events are sold via Billetlugen (www.billetlugen.dk / tel. 70 263 267). Billetlugen are also responsible for tickets sold on K.B Hallens own website. K.B Hallen do not sell tickets, but support promoters with setting up of tickets sales. Promoters have the sole responsibility for  their ticket sales, marketing and organizing their own events. Any and all questions regarding ticketting are handled by Billetlugen on behalf of the promoter. 

Can I buy tickets at K.B. Hallen?

Unless the event has sold out, it will be possible to purchase physical tickets at the entrance of K.B Hallen. Ticketsales begin when the doors open for the event. For all other questions regarding the sale of tickets, please contact our ticketing partner Billetlugen.dk.

Where can I buy tickets for wheelchair users

Tickets for wheelchair users can be purchased by contacting Billetlugens Customer Service on +45 70 263 267. Access with a wheelchair is only permissible by presenting a valid ticket for wheelchair users.

What happens if an event is cancelled and how do I get a refund?

In the event of a cancellation, it will be announced on our website, and via an e-mail to the person who purchased the tickets. The tickets will be refunded from where they were purchased. For further information, please contact Billetlugens Customer Service on +45 70 263 267

How do I avoid false tickets?

The best way to avoid buying fake tickets, is by purchasing official tickets via K.B Hallens website or on Billetlugen.dk.


Additional questions

If you couldn't find the answer you were looking for, we recommend reading Billetlugens frequently asked questions.

Venue Overview

Balcony seating for show with standing floor.

For events with seated floor, contact Billetlugen.dk for seating plan.

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