Why K.B. Hallen?

There are many good reasons for choosing K.B. Hallen. We create magic experiences in our newly built and modern multi arena that also has the following advantages:

  • Brand new and flexible venue with space from 250 to 4,500 participants
  • Central location in Copenhagen
  • Main hall without pillars – endless configuration opportunities
  • Ideal audio ratio (reverberation: 1.5 seconds)
  • Tailored offers for your event
  • One contact person
  • Leading, proficient and experienced project managers
  • Magical experiences

Is my event suitable for K.B Hallen?

K.B. Hallen is a brand new and modern multi-arena where many different types of events can be held. Whether you are planning a conference, or need an exclusive room for a gala dinner or a place to launch the company's latest product. K.B. Hallen can do it all. Here are some examples of what we can do, just to name a few: 

  • Dinners
  • Conferences
  • Congresses
  • Kick-offs launches
  • Parties 
  • Sports events 
  • TV productions 
  • Exhibitions


Short distance to the rest of the city:

  • K.B. Hallen Train Station – 3 minutes (by foot)
  • Flintholm Metro station – 15 minutes (by foot)
  • Copenhagen Central station – 20 minutes (by train)
  • Copenhagen Airport – 35 minutes (by train and metro)
  • Copenhagen City Hall – 25 minutes (by bicycle)


  • There are 178 paid parking spaces in front of K.B. Hallen and a big number of parking spaces with 2 hours' free parking in the area around the arena.

Full Service Venue

K.B. Hallen is an extremely flexible multi-arena, where we tailor all presentations to our customers, so we ensure that we meet your wishes and needs through close dialogue, as we know that each event is unique with different needs.

Close dialogue and relationship is the keyword at K.B. Hallen, therefore, all our customers have one dedicated contact person and a senior project manager who follows the customer before, during and after the event.

Good to know

K. B. Hallen has secure and reliable partnerships within catering and technology companies. who know the venue and its capabilites and flow.

Catering is handled exclusively by K.B. Hallen.

It is possible to bring your own technology supplier – contact us for more information.


K. B. Hallen does not offer fixed menus. We believe that as a customer, you should be able to tailor the catering menus to your wishes and budget, of course in close dialogue with K.B Hallen and our catering supplier.

Rent Inclusive

  • 1.968 m2 arena with 16,8 meters from floor to ceiling
  • Cloak Room (staff can be added)
  • 2 VIP rooms/meeting rooms on first floor, 108 m2 each (can be split up into 4 smaller rooms, 54 m2 each)
  • 4 artist/keynote speaker areas including 2 with bathroom (backstage)
  • Standard end of event cleaning
  • Power, water, heating, and ventilation

Photos of K.B. Hallen

K.B. Hallen (Photo: Niels Nygaard)
K.B. Hallen (Photo: Christensen Photography)


Foyer / Check-in (Photo: Christensen Photography)
Foyer (Photo: Kim Høltermand)
Foyer (Photo: Kim Høltermand)
Foyer (Photo: Kim Høltermand)
Foyer (Photo: Kim Høltermand)
Foyer (Photo: Kim Høltermand)
Foyer, transformation from check-in to lunch area (Photo: Jacob Dinesen)


Lounge, First Floor (Photo: Christensen Photography)
Lounge, First Floor (Photo: Christensen Photography)
Lounge, First Floor (branding) (Photo: Kim Høltermand)
Lounge, First floor (branding) (Photo: Jacob Dinesen)
Lounge, First floor (branding) (Foto: Jacob Dinesen)
Lounge, First Floor (branding) (Photo: Jacob Dinesen)
Hometeam (Photo: Christensen Photography)

Suites, First floor

Suite 4 – meeting (Photo: Jacob Dinesen)

Cloakroom and toilets

Cloakroom (Foto: Kim Høltermand)
Toilet (Photo: Kim Høltermand)
Toilet (Photo: Jacob Dinesen)
Toilet (Photo: Jacob Dinesen)

Main Hall

Main hall (Foto: Kim Høltermand)
Conference (Photo: Jacob Dinesen)
Award Show (Photo: Claus Vest Petersen)
Dining (Photo: Rasmus Petersen)
Dining (Photo: Rasmus Petersen)
Dining (Photo: Claus Vest Petersen)
Dining (Photo: Christensen Photography)
Conference (Photo: Christensen Photography)
Conference (Photo: Christensen Photography)
Dining (Photo: Christensen Photography)
Party (Photo: Christensen Photography)
Party (Photo: Joseph Miller)
Bar (Photo: Rasmus Petersen)
Conference, plenary in divided main hall (Photo: Jacob Dinesen)
Conference, plenary in divided main hall (Photo: Jacob Dinesen)
Conference, plenary transformed to three breakout rooms (Photo: Jacob Dinesen)
Conference in two breakout rooms (Foto: Kim Høltermand)
Conference in two breakout rooms (Foto: Kim Høltermand)
Expo area in divided main hall (Photo: Kim Høltermand)
Expo area in divided main hall (Photo: Kim Høltermand)
Expo and lunch area (Photo: Jacob Dinesen)
Conference (Photo: Mathias Nielsen)
Sport: MMA (Photo: Jacob Dinesen)
Sport: MMA (Photo: Joseph Miller)
Exhibition (Photo: Mathias Nielsen)
Exhibition (Photo: Mathias Nielsen)
e-Sport (Photo: Krestine Havemann)
e-Sport (Photo: Krestine Havemann)

K.B. Hallen film

Technical Specs

There are no fixed AV-, sound- and lighting setups in K.B. Hallen.

Instead K.B. Hallen offers great flexibility, infinite possibilities and many magical solutions.

Rigging Heights (depends on stage placement):  

  • Maximum height stage center: 16.8 meters from floor
  • Maximum height stage corner, 9.0 meters from center: 15.1 meters from floor
  • Maximum height PA position 14.2 meter from floor: 11.5 meters from center


  • Loading gate: Width = 3 meters, Height = 4 meters (ground level)

Focus on Equal Rights

LGBT + and gender equality are part of K.B. Hallen's DNA. In 2019 K.B. Hallen was nominated for the corporate prize at the Danish Rainbow Awards. The reason was K.B. Hallen's organisation which is characterized by diversity – and the fact that K.B. Hallen is the only venue in Denmark which has multisex toilets.

K. B. Hallen is a member of the Empatic Labor Market and works closely with LGBT + Denmark to ensure that K.B. Hallen's employees work under the best conditions and at all times and to ensure our guests receive the best experiences

Empatic Labor Market offers employers, managers, HR, trust and work environment representatives an important insight and necessary knowledge of what it means to be lesbian, gay, bi, or transperson in a workplace. The certification program introduces a number of concrete tools to broaden the workplace's culture and personnel policy and guidelines for new communication and appropriate change strategies.

Through relevant examples in everyday life, participants will train in communication with LGBT colleagues, what gender identity and sexual orientation mean, the tone of the workplace, humor and myths, and review their local staff policies. The goal is that everybody should be able to be themselves and do their best at work, no matter who they are.

In K.B. Hallen also has unisex toilets, which anyone can make use of regardless of gender identity or gender expression.

Point of Contact

General request and lost & found:

Director of Sales (Requests about events):
Claus Vest Petersen