Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets to K.B Hallens events are sold via kbhallen.dk and billetlugen.dk (phone: +45 70 263 267 / mail: kundeservice@billetlugen.dk).

The company Billetlugen A/S handles the ticketsale on behalf of the promoter. Any questions regarding ticketing should be posed to Billetlugen, while questions regarding the actual event should be sent to the promoter. You can find the name of the promoter on each event site in the calendar.

Can I buy tickets at K.B. Hallen?

If the event is not sold out, it will be possible to purchase physical tickets at the entrance of K.B Hallen, once the doors have opened.

Where can I buy tickets for wheelchair users?

Tickets for wheelchair users can be purchased by contacting Billetlugens Customer Service (phone: +45 70 263 267 / mail: kundeservice@billetlugen.dk). Wheelchair access is only permissible upon presenting a valid ticket for wheelchair users.

What happens if an event is cancelled and how do I get a refund?

In the event of a cancellation, an e-mail will be sent to the person who purchased the tickets, and the event will be marked cancelled on kbhallen.dk and billetlugen.dk. The tickets will be refunded from where they were purchased. For further information, please contact Billetlugens Customer Service (phone: +45 70 263 267 / mail: kundeservice@billetlugen.dk).

How do I avoid false tickets?

To avoid buying fake tickets, purchase only official tickets via kbhallen.dk or Billetlugen.dk.


Additional questions

If you couldn't find the answer you were looking for, we recommend reading Billetlugens frequently asked questions.

Seating overview

Where am I seated?

K.B. Hallen is a flexible multi-arena, thus visiting us you will find that the hall changes from event to event.

The balcony seating is permanent, while the stands below are mobile and only in use during sports events or events with a fully or partly seated audience.

Below you can view the balcony and stands seat numbering.

The floor seating depends on event and setup. The promoter/organiser decides the setup for each event.

For further information regarding events and seating overview, we refer to the ticket vendor billetlugen.dk.



K.B. Hallen has 1,084 permanent seats, distributed on 4 balconies which encircles the stalls.

For events where the stage is placed at the end of the hall, balcony seats to the sides and behind the stage are typically not in use. These seats are marked in blue.

Find your seat by using the zoom function in the upper right corner of the drawing.


Below the 4 balconies, K.B. Hallen has mobile stands with 1,380 seats.

For events with a standing crowd, the stands are usually not in use, and parked underneath the balconies.

Find your seat by using the zoom function in the upper right corner of the drawing.




Typically, for sports events, both balcony and stands seats will be in use, and typically the court will be in the center of the arena.

Find your seat by using the zoom function in the upper right corner of the drawing.

Cloakroom and toilets

Is there a cloakroom in K.B. Hallen?

Yes. The cloakroom is located in the basement under the foyer. It can be accessed by the stairs in both sides of the building, or by elevator. For safety reasons (fire and evacuation), we advise you to deposit coats and jackets. Umbrellas and bags larger than A4-size must always be deposited in the cloakroom. Do not bring larger bags, backpacks, etc., as the security personnel may reject such items upon visitation. See "House Rules" for responsibility regarding deposited items.


Where are the toilets located in K.B. Hallen?

In the basement, on each side of the cloakroom, two toilets with 32 closed booths and 4 toilets for the disabled are located. Furthermore, a standard urinal is also situated in the basement.

On first floor, in lounge west, there are three toilets with 8 closed booths, including 2 toilets for the disabled.

Food and drinks

Are there food and beverages available for purchase at K.B. Hallen?

Yes. K.B Hallen has a large bar in the foyer, 6 bars on first floor, mobile bars on the floor on each side of the stage for concerts with standing room. In the bars, you will find a big selection of good beer, water, wine, spirits, shots, and delicious cocktails plus assorted crisps


Can I bring my own food and beverages to K.B. Hallen?

No. It is not allowed consume your own food and/or beverages at K.B Hallen. Guests who have special food/beverage requirements due to illness, can, by presenting a valid medical certificate, be permitted.

For events without age restrictions, it is legal to bring food for babies and children up to 2 years of age.


Are there separate parking spaces for disabled people?

There are 8 disabled parking spaces in front of K.B Hallen. These can be used by visibly displaying a valid ID in the car. Note: You must still pay a parking fee.

Is there a platform for wheelchair users, and where is located?

Yes, a special ticket is required and can be purchased by contacting Billetlugen Customer Service by phone +45 70 263 267.

For specific event information, please contact Billetlugen on +45 70 263 267.

Is K.B Hallen accessable for wheelchair users?

K.B Hallens ground floor is completely level without ramps or steps. Access to cloak room and toilets in the basement, and to lounges, wardrobes, toilets and bars on the first floor can be reached by elevator.

Does K.B. Hallen have toilet facilities for the disabled?

Yes. Disabled toilets are located at K.B. Hallens in the basement, on both sides of the cloak room and on first floor. All disabled toilets are accessible from the ground floor via elevator.

Does a disabled companion have to pay for their own ticket?

Contact Billetlugen by phone (+45 70 263 267) for information regarding handicap companions. See also Danske Handicaporganisationers information about disabled companion card.

Can I bring my zimmerframe/walker, etc., to K.B Hallen?

For safety reasons, it is not permitted to bring a zimmerframe/walker, own chair, or the like to K.B Hallen.

Lost and found

What if I forgot or lost something at K.B. Hallen?

Please send an email to lost@kbhallen.dk, with a description of the lost item and please specify following:

  • Name and date of event
  • If available a cloakroom number.
  • Color, brand and/or special marks
  • If available - a photo
  • Name and telephonenumber

Valuable items will be handed over to the Police.

Other items will be kept in K.B. Hallen for minimum 30 days.

House Rules

Is there visitation at the entrance?

Yes. For security purposes, visitation is a standard procedure at events in K.B. Hallen.

Conditions for admission

To insure the safety and best experience for our guests, we certain safety rules that must be followed. 

For your own safety and to ensure access control does not take too long, bags larger that the size of an A4 (21x29.7cm) must be handed over in the cloakroom.

In addition, it is also not permitted to bring the following:

  • Weapons (incl. pepper spray) and/or object that can be used as weapons
  • Photo, Audio and video recording equipment, laptops, tablets and other technical equipment (selfie stick, etc.)
  • Spray cans, and other flammable/dangerous gasses
  • Cans, bottles and other hard objects
  • Fire Works/pyrotekniks Equipment
  • Chairs, ladders, prams, and other large objects.
  • Zimmer frame/walker, unless otherwise indicated in the event description or on the ticket
  • Animals/pets
  • Food and beverages
  • Narkotikas/drugs
  • Large signs, banners, etc. or material to making as such
  • Large bags, trunks or backpacks
  • All other items, which can be evaluated as a risk to the audiences’ security and/or concert experience

The security personnel on the day of show always decides whether an object can be brought into K.B. Hallen.

Cloakroom storage of objects that have been rejected at the entrance is NOT possible.

Must I use the cloakroom?

Yes. For security purposes (fire and evacuation), the following must always be handed over to the cloak room:

  • Umbrellas and other large items.
  • Bags larger than A4-size (21 cm. x 29, cm.)

Security personnel may reject larger bags, backpacks and other large items upon visitation.

We recommend, that coats and jackets are handed over to the cloak room.

If a jacket, bag, etc. is lost in K.B. Hallen's paid cloakroom, K.B. Hallen is only responsible for items priced up to 5,000 DKK. You must be able to submit a valid cloakroom ticket and documentation for the price of the item.

K.B. Hallen is not responsible for cellphones, money, glasses or other items left in jackets or bags.

What is the code of conduct at K.B Hallen?

K.B Hallen is home to great experiences in a safe environment. Therefore, security staff will refuse people who:

  • are visibly drunk and disorderly or clearly affected by narcotics
  • display violent behavior or has a clear intention of creating violence towards our guests, staff and/or artists
  • intentionally annoys guests, staff and/or artists or has a clear intention to disrupt the event
  • smokes outside the designated smoking areas
  • uses items that are not permissible – such items will be confiscated
  • sets live flame/fire – notwithstanding size of fire
  • utters or gesticulates in a racist, sexist, extremist, fundamentalist, etc. manner
  • interrupts, disturbs or in any way affects the event i a way that causes annoyance to the audience or the artists
  • enters or attempts to enter areas which are closed for the general public (jumping barriers, going backstage, etc.)
  • hands out materiale or the sells products without prior permission from K.B. Hallen or the promoter
  • destroys, pollutes, vandalises or in any other way causes damage to K.B Hallens building or equipment
Is there first aid help at K.B Hallen?

Yes - usually there is, and always at concerts. Contact security for location

When should I arrive to an event in K.B. Hallen? What happens if I am late?

We recommend that you arrive early to avoid waiting at the door security checks are performed, and also to avoid standing in queue in the cloak room.

Normally, it is possible to arrive after show start. However, the promoter of the show may close the doors upon show start in case of TV transmission or other special circumstances.

Is smoking allowed in K.B. Hallen?

Smoking is strictly prohibited in K.B. Hallen. However, there is access to a smoking area on first floor. Follow the signs. Smoking inside causes prompt expulsion without ticket refund.


K.B. Hallen reserves its right to reject or expulse guests who does not abide the house rules. The ticket will not be refunded. Behaviour or actions that affect the event can entail claim for damages.