Rebuilding & Reopening

Rebuilding of K.B. Hallen in 1 and a ½ minute

While K.B. Hallen were being rebuilt, a camera took pictures of the process. Here you can see a year's progression compressed to a video of a minute and a half in length.

2019: January 24th - K.B. Hallen reopens

Thursday January 24th, K.B. Hallen reopens. A festival presenting 12 Danish acts is held, and the musicians play on two different stages in a special setup.

The cultural center of Frederiksberg is now officially back in business.

2018: December 5th: Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark inaugurates K.B. Hallen

Mayor of Frederiksberg Jørgen Glenthøj og Kjøbenhavns Boldklubs chariman Niels-Christian Holmstrøm hold speeches before Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark opens a new era by playing a tennisball.

Martin Brygmann entertains with his backingband, and with guests Bjørn Fjæstad og Jimmy Jørgensen he covers some of the musical guests that played in the old K.B. Hallen.

Everyone from Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington to The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Beastie Boys and Rammstein are represented.

2018: November 16th - Construction workers are finishing up the job

The construction workers are now working very hard to meet the deadline. The outside work on the facade is almost done, and inside the work is speeding up as well. Seats are installed on the tribunes that will be used for seated events, while the lounges and the hall are now nearing completion.

2018: 2nd October - K.B. Hallen is taking shape


Roofs and exterior walls are now closed, while the scaffolding is starting to come down on the inside. 

2018: 29th August - Glass on the facade

The hall is now fully covered, and the glass and wall facades are being established. Inside, work has started the sound-absorbing ceiling.

2018: 4th of June - A look "inside"


K.B has a roof over its head. The hall, and the exterior building are progressing quickly.

2018: Spring has sprung and the hall is shaping up

The frame that contributes to creating K.B. Hallens iconic arch is ready, and you begin to get an idea of how the hall will end up looking

2018: 8th of February - Progress on the construction site

The frame of the new K.B Hallen is now in place.

2017 - The foundations of the new contruction are in progress

Picture taken the 13th June 2017

2016 - Demolition is completed

Picture taken the 26th of June 2016

2011-2015 - Burned down, the demolition begins

Early Wednesday morning, 28th of September 2011, a violent fire occurred. Halogen lighting set fire in some cardboard boxes and caused the fire. There were 6 people staying in the hall in connection with an Erotic event, which was to be held the following day. Luckily no one was injured by the fire, but the hall was beyond rescue. It was only 4 months earlier, the Cultural Agency had made K.B Hallen a heritage building. However, it was discontinued in 2013.

Since the hall was ruined beyond repair,  it was decided to demolish the building.

The demolition commenced on February 20, 2015. Read more and watch a video of the demolition from DR's website here..

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Paintings of the burned out K.B. Hallen

Paintings of the demolition and rebuilding of K.B. Hallenby artist Lise Læssøe Eiler.