House Rules

House Rules

Is smoking allowed in K.B. Hallen?

No. Smoking in K.B. Hallen is strictly prohibited. An outside smoking area is located on the first floor. Watch for the signage.

Conditions for admission

To insure the safety and best experience for our guests, we certain safety rules that must be followed. 

For your own safety and to ensure access control does not take too long, bags larger that the size of an A4 (21x29.7cm) must be handed over in the cloak room.

In addition, it is also not permitted to bring the following:

  • Weapons (incl. pepper spray) and/or object that can be used as weapons
  • Photo, Audio and video recording equipment, laptops, tablets and other technical equipment (selfie stick, etc.)
  • Spray cans, and other flammable/dangerous gasses
  • Cans, bottles and other hard objects
  • Fire Works/pyrotekniks Equipment
  • Chairs, ladders, prams, and other large objects.
  • Zimmer frame/walker, unless otherwise indicated in the event description or on the ticket
  • Animals/pets
  • Food and beverages
  • Narkotikas/drugs
  • Large signs, banners, etc. or material to making as such
  • All other items, which can be evaluated as a risk to the audiences’ security and/or concert experience


What is the code of conduct at K.B Hallen?

K.B Hallen reserve the right to refuse or expel persons who do not follow the rules. Tickets will be no refunded in these situations. To ensure the best possible experience for our guest, we will refuse people who are:

  • Displaying drunk and disorderly behavior or clearly affected by drugs
  • Displaying violent behavior or intention of creating violence
  • Intentionally causing annoyance to the other guest and ruining the event as a whole

In addition, the following behavior will not be tolerated:

  • Smoking outside the designated smoking areas
  • The use of items that are not permissible. If found the items will be confiscated until the end of the event.
  • Any type of live flame/fire
  • Racism, sexism, extremism, fundamentalism or other similar types of behavior or gestures
  • Interrupting, disturbing or in any way affecting the event, that causes annoyance to the audience or the performers
  • Violent or antisocial behaviour
  • Entering or attempting to enter areas of which are closed for the general public (jumping barriers, going backstage, etc., etc.,)
  • Handing out of flyers or the sale of products without prior permission
  • Destruction, polluting, vandalism or causing damage to K.B Hallens building or equipment
Is the first aid help at K.B Hallen?

There will be medical assistance at most of our events at K.B Hallen. Follow the Red Cross signs or ask one of our members of staff.

When should I arrive to an event in K.B. Hallen? What happens if I am late?

We recommend that you arrive early, as there will be performed security checks at the entrance of K.B Hallen. It is always possible to arrive after the start of the event; no matter which event it is. The only exception will be, if there is TV coverage or other types of video recording of the event in question