Staff & Artist Area


Walk from front of building to load-in on the East side of the arena.


Staff & Artist entrance

The entrance is located at the far West/south side of the building. (opposite load-in area)


Artist Area

The artist area consists of two corridors divided by a fire exit. On the way to the actual artist and staff area, the kitchen is located (more pictures further down).

First corridor:
Artist Room 3
Artist Room 4
Dedicated bathroom (2 showers, 2 toilets)
Depot (not for use)

Second corridor:
Artist Room 1 (has shower and toilet)
Artist Room 2 (has shower and toilet)
Office Room 1
Office Room 2
Office Room 3 (slightly larger than 1 and 2)



The kitchen is located before the first corridor upon entering the artist area.

Adjacent to the kitchen is and extra room, 'Ophold', and a door leads to the actual artist area.


1st Floor (optional area for artist & crew catering)

From the staff & artist entrance an elevator leads to the 1st floor which has:

Lounge and balcony

Restroom with 3 toilets

A suite / larger administration room