Cloak room
and lost items

Cloak room and lost items

What if I forgot or lost something at K.B. Hallen?

If you have lost something at K.B Hallen or have forgotten something in the cloak room, please write an e-mail to and we will investigate for you.

All lost items at K.B Hallen will be handed over to the Police lost and found office at the Police Station: 1567 København V.

Please note, we normally receive lost and found items 1-2 days after the event has been held.

Is there a cloak room at K.B Hallen?

Yes. The cloak room can be found in the basement and can be used to store jackets and coats. Due to fire and evacuation reason it is not permitted to bring coats or jackets into the concert hall or seating area. It is not allowed to bags larger than A4 (21 x 29,7 cm) into the arena. These must be handed over in the cloak room.