Hansi Hinterseer
19:30Expected concert start

Hansi Hinterseer

Concert with Hansi Hinterseer must be postponed again

The concert cannot yet take place because of the pandemic


Copenhagen. After the postponement of the concert series "An evening with friends" with Sigrid & Marina, the Wildecker Herzbuben and star guest Hansi Hinterseer from May 2020 to May 2021 due to the pandemic, the much-anticipated concert should take place this year. The concert of Hansi Hinterseer on May 29th 2021 in K.B. Hallen must unfortunately be moved again due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The new date is: October 29th 2022. 

 "We have tried to keep and play all dates, but this became impossible in the current situation. We are glad to be able to give our spectators an exact replacement date already today. ", said the tour planning department manager of the promoter.  

With the postponement this time unfortunately not only the date changes. Also, the occupation is changed somewhat. The Wildecker Herzbuben will not be able to play on the new date. If a worthy replacement comes for this position, will be announced at a later date.

Tickets already purchased remain valid for the new date.

"I am very sad about the situation, but unfortunately we can’t change it. It would not be right to put our audience and their families in potential danger!", said Hansi "But I look forward to seeing all the fans again on October 29th 2022, in K.B. Hallen", continued Hansi Hinterseer.

Prepare for an evening without cares with wonderful music and fun, sing-alongs and relaxation!

The star of the evening in K.B. Hallen is of course Hansi Hinterseer and his musical friends who will spellbind the audience with his most popular hits.

In addition to Hinterseer, his two Tyrolean "neighbours", Siegrid & Marina.

Greet the summer welcome with a varied selection of German folk music's biggest hits, performed by the scene's biggest hitmaker, Hansi Hinterseer.

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