Gross Capacity

Brutto audience capacity (Pre-approved)4.900

Conditions to Standardkonfigurations 1 - pre-approved

Stage12m x 18m
Crowd barrier, safety distance2m (1,25m free floor)
FOH & Wheelchair Podium52,56 m2 (6 wheel chairs)
Free floor area1,293 m2
Capacity, Balcony678 seats
Capacity, Floor4,222 standing
Density, standing (4.222 pax/1.293 m2)3,27 pax/m2
Kills/Limited sightlines (Balcony)6 seats per spotlight / 24 seats 


Temporary sellable capacity, examples:

The new K.B. Hallen is launched to facilitate superior audience experiences. As K.B. Hallen is still under construction at the time of publishing present website, a density limit is added to maximum sellable capacity until our venue has been tested by live concert audiences.

Temporary limit on standing audience density and subsequent maximum sellable capacity will be evaluated and updated after first month of full operation.


Temporary density limit3 pax/m2

Standard Configuration 1 (temporary density limit)

Capacity, Balcony – Seated678
Capacity, Floor – Standing (1,293 m2 x 3 pax)3,879
Capacity, Wheelchair podium – 6 + 6 companions12
Total audience capacity4,569
Holds, Balcony (House seats)-100
Total sellable capacity4,469

Standard Configuration 2 (Pre-approved)

Capacity, Balcony678
Capacity, Stands808
Capacity, Chairs on floor*1,032
Capacity, 4 wheel chairs + 4 companions8
Total audience capacity2,526
Holds, Balcony (House seats)-100
Total sellable capacity2,426

*Extra rental/production cost on chairs

Standard Configuration 3 (Pre-approved)

Capacity, balcony678
Capacity, stands120
Capacity, chairs on floor*2.134
Capacity, 4 wheel chairs + 4 companions6
Total Audience Capacity2.938
Holds, Balcony (House seats)-100
Total sellable capacity2.838

* Extra rental/production cost on chairs

NOTE: Please contact K.B. Hallen for determining actual sellable capacities for alternative configurations.